Michael Goorevich

Michael Goorevich

Sound Design & Mix for Film and TV

A spirit of art before everything!

  • Original Sound Design for Feature Films & TV
  • FILM MIXING IN 5.1 and 7.1 FORMAT
  • Production sound recording for film and TV. 

The studio located in the center of Tel Aviv, Israel.

It is a unique large hybrid mixing / editing stage specifically designed for working with cinematic features and acoustically complies to the theatrical Dolby specs.

It accomodates a picture projection on a large 4 m x 2.1 m film screen and using cinema standard JBL speakers for the sound playback .

I work with some of the best dialog editors, foley studios and other professionals around the globe.

But most importantly, the place itself delivers a comfortable, creative atmosphere, which helps to concentrate on the project.

The special treasure is a huge bank of sound effects. I recorded myself over the last 15 years

My resume has a long list of documentaries, features, dramas, TV programs, sports, music and wildlife.

There are lots of restaurants bars and caffes just arounf the corner…